The New Arrivals

Well, it’s that time again! Our beautiful Sargenta Silver Grace has delivered 3 gorgeous kittens! All went well, and the kittens, born on May Day, are growing fast. Their eyes have opened and they’re getting more and more active every day. Grace is doing really well and seems to be enjoying parenthood, even more, this time around.


Gorgeous Sargenta Gabriella also gave birth to 3 adorable Kittens on the 10th May. Poor Gabby was definitely ready when the time labour started; she seemed ready to burst! Her Kittens also now have their eyes open and all are feeding well and being well looked after. She really is a very good Mummy.


We’re so proud of our girls, they’ve both done a fantastic job, and we can’t wait to see what characters will develop from these recent litters; the last litters were full of feisty mischieve makers, no doubt we’ll have more of that to come!

It’s too soon to sex the little bundles of fluff just yet, but we’ve started to contact people on the waiting list and will continue to get in touch as the kittens get further along.

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